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The Black Marble (2022)


3.42 minutes, Colour and Black & White, Silent.

Original format: super 8

The black marble

A darkness in my periphery,

abstract and deep

carpets my feet with soft doubts.


Stalks and mimics

my movements

makes me walk backwards and repeat.


A distant and dark fog

that followed and obscured

until I turned to see.


What is a worse sight?

Gallows that are empty,

or one that is full?


As I looked –

you shrank, in size

but not in mass.


A refined hard black-

so dense no light can ever bounce back.

You became a tiny marble that I swallowed.


You anchor my heart

and pinball around my head.

Heavier than lead,

as reliable as a good friend.


A tight bind.

You and I.

Keep me confined, and close.


My black marble.

One day I’ll hold you in my open palm.

Rachel Maloney (2022).

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